Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Painting for sister

Hi all, have started another one instead of working on the one I posted before. This work will explore the idea of one space, but with different times of the day, from dawn to dusk. This is just the ground colour to then start layer the lighter tones on top, will add clouds that move in and out of each panel, to give a surreal look. This is a present for my sister, she's been waiting a while for one of my painting, its a wedding present and birthday present all in one from last year! So sis I have finally started it, hehe.



Moira Marshall said...

This is lovely Mike...but time for an update now.....how's it going with this painting?

Mike Mayhew said...

I know, I know, me lazy :0 have just finished a painting, and have posted it onto the blog site. Thanks for the nudge :)